How to Take Care of Car Cabin to Avoid Viruses and Bacteria

Prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in the cabin of your car in the following way. The car cabin is one of the important parts to be treated for the sake of driving comfort, both by the driver and passengers. If the cabin is dirty and becomes a den of bacteria, viruses, or insects, driving comfort will be disrupted.

Plus, lately, news emerged about the spread of viruses through the air originating in China, the coronavirus. This virus makes the world community panic. In fact, there is one automotive manufacturer’s initiative to create new vehicles that can neutralize viruses in the cabin. Therefore, so that air circulation in the cabin of the car remains clean and healthy, do not forget to treat it. There are several ways you can do to when you want to clean the interior of the vehicle. Furthermore, see the explanation below.


Fogging is arguably effective in killing germs and bacteria that nest in the cabin. Because the work system of fogging cars uses steam power which can kill germs and bacteria as a whole Before fogging, make sure the cabin area is clean first so that the dirt does not mix. You must remove items in the car, especially those that are easily contaminated with steam. Doing fogging makes the car owner can enjoy a cabin area that is fresher, cleaner, and protected from unpleasant odors.

Fumigator Care

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4 Tips on Renting a Car for Vacation Purposes

Here are tips for those of you who rent a car for vacation purposes to make it more fun and comfortable. Vacationing is the most popular thing. Because of that for some people when approaching the holiday must have a lot to prepare everything for their vacation. Not only money but also places, food, and transportation. For transportation problems, not a few people who prefer to rent a car rather than ride other transportation.

When renting a car, of course, the tenant will enjoy his vacation more. But not a few people are still confused when they want to rent a car in a car rental. Therefore on this occasion, we will provide a tip on how to take the right steps in renting a car for a vacation. Here are the tips.

Determine Tourist Attractions

The first thing is to determine tourist attractions. This is a factor that determines how much the car rental price you will use. You can discuss with all family members who will join the recreation, which recreation sites will be visited later.

Look for the Most Trusted Car Rental

Learn and find out car rental services that are official and already have experience. Car rental services currently offer a variety of offers with varied advantages. Make sure you choose a car rental that offers more packages at relatively cheap prices.

Determine the Car Type

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