How to choose Shockbreaker and care for Car Suspension

Some people generally only know car engines and accessories, and even consider themselves to be experts in that field. I also do that when asked about the suspension or the understel problem, I don’t really understand. Then I took the initiative to try to ask the experts to find information on how to care for, select, and replace if our suspension is damaged or the flexibility function per has decreased.

Incidentally, from my question, considering the condition of my vehicle, namely Baleno the quality of the spring is not good, it feels hard and there are foreign sounds, loud dings, the car is shaking or unsteady at high speed. Maybe those of you who have an old car will also experience the same thing as I feel.

Here are the parts of the car suspension.
• Support
• Per / Coil Spring
• Shock Absorber / Shock breaker
• Stoper Damper
Understeel car parts.
• Swing ARM
• Boll Joint
• Tie Rod
• Rack And
• Stabilizer

How to care for car understeel and suspension.

  1. Periodically inspect understeel and suspension parts.
  2. Make sure you wash under the car, especially on the suspension from sand or dirt, especially during the rainy season.
  3. Make sure the parts made of rubber are free from oil, clean them immediately if any, because the nature of the oil will damage the rubber structure.
  4. Perform STEEM on the part where there is a dof pen (boll joint, tie rod) with greas / grease. This will extend the life of the part.
  5. Make sure the shock breaker is in good condition. If a leak is indicated by oil discharge, replace it immediately. The car manufacturers usually recommend replacing the shock breaker every 45,000 km – 50,000 km.
  6. Make sure the shock breaker dust cover is in good condition, this part is very important to prevent the entry of gravel or sand which can damage the shock breaker seal so that it will leak.
  7. Make sure the Stoper Damper which is in the middle of the US shock breaker is in good condition. This part is also very important.
  8. Make sure the Spring / Coil Spring is seated in the right position.
  9. Do not insert a hose into the coil spring because it can cause rust which can break the coil spring.

Tips for choosing a good suspension.

• Make sure you buy a genuine shock breaker, because many shock breakers on the market are fake or shot products.
• The easiest way to distinguish a genuine shock breaker from a fake is, scratch a little on the CAT. If it is hard to peel off, most likely it is the Original one, and if it is easily scratched, then you must doubt its authenticity.
• To select a brand, the best brand is the manufacturer’s brand or genuine part. and if you are forced to buy another brand, make sure it suits your needs (high traffic terrain, heavy loads).
• If the road that you travel frequently is heavy terrain, it means you have to choose a shock breaker with a higher gas pressure.
• If you want to make the car flat, avoid flat by cutting the Spring / Coil Spring. This will cause damage to the shock absorber, or even the car dings will feel very hard.
• Use Low Ring / per flat for flat cars.
Problems that often occur.
• Hard throws = possibility of shock absorber leaking, shock absorber jammed, spring break.
• Foreign noises = possible due to loose parts, or damage to the shock breaker and understel.
• Uneven / discharged tires = the possibility of a broken spring / bolted from the seat, the shock breaker is damaged.
• The car is unsteady at high speed = damaged shock breaker, do sporing and balancing.

Here are tips and advice from experts per car and the king of car legs, to answer if a suspension problem occurs in your car and remember, always obey traffic rules and use your safety belt. Thanks.