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automotive anlysisFinally, it is understood that, although the automotive sector does not have its innovation historically codified in patents (Marsili, 2001), it’s attainable to confirm a certain sort of structure within the relational evaluation of those patents. Thus, this work presented an analytical framework for the examine of patents within the automotive sector, which may be replicated to different sectors, particularly these with a excessive degree of patentability. The analysis of the relational structure of the automotive patents revealed that the companies within the automotive sector do not have the recurring habits of patenting collectively with other corporations, opposite to the expectations that, based mostly on the theories of innovation (Chesbrough, 2003), indicate that the sharing of ideas tends to favor innovation. When there was a co-proprietary patent deposit, the businesses had robust bonds, similar to a cross-shareholding. In the absence of that, there were strategic alliances, joint ventures, and robust and conventional financial relations.

Market opportunities

According to [22] digitization will drive more innovation within the automotive industry in the subsequent 20 years than there has been up to now 100 years. The digital transformation of the automotive industry is, in effect, the progressive reassembly of customer and company assets, and of services and products, to be able to grow value, revenue and efficiency through digital technologies. Service innovations in the service business will improve its ability to compete in maintenance in addition to improve the variety of customers.

The automotive RBS in passenger automobiles held the best share available

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