Take your child to the Moco Museum

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam, which opened in 2016, focuses mainly on a young audience with modern and contemporary art. You can find it near the Museum Square. Whether it is something for you is of course personal. It is always worth taking a look at the various museums in Amsterdam such as the Moco Museum. Especially if you like unusual things and art that is a bit out of the box. It is not only fun for young people, but as a young parent you can also take your child with you. For example, there are works of art made from stuffed animals and there is a rare version of a Mickey Mouse drawing on the wall. But the separate rooms downstairs in the basement, such as the one with hundreds of diamonds or the mirror room (the museum has four floors) will certainly surprise your children. So there are many optical illusions to be seen, which many children find very exciting.

Exploring art at a young age

If you take your children to an Amsterdam art museum such as the Moco Museum, they will be challanged to explore art at an early age. This can be a preparation for your child to start doing something with art later on. In any case, it can lead to a nice conversation with your daughter or son, maybe he or she does not yet understand what he or she sees in the museum (you might not either, some things are a bit weird). But it is certainly something that cannot be seen at school, and it will be a fun day out with your child! 

Which artists exhibit in the museum?

You can find art by many artists, some are long dead. Like the iconic artist Andy Warhol. Or by the contemporary artist The Kid, who often combines humorous photos with comic strips and gives them a political twist. Works by the Dutch artist of Studio Irma can also be admired here. She works a lot with modern technology in her works and has, for example, devised the space in the museum in which all large bubbles are located. Anyone who likes a bit of futuristic art and fantasy can certainly enjoy it here. There are also large black-and-white portraits by the artist JR Kamer, which, for example, feature many activists and hunters whom he liked to photograph. You can view a nice virtual tour on the internet and who knows, you might decide to go there by yourself, or with the family! You must show a valid QR code or a corona passport in the Moco Amsterdam Art Museum (from 13 years).